Dr. Tanya Kisel, Campus Principal

principalDr. Tanya Kisel is a Campus Principal at Community Outreach Academy, Middle School. Her job is to oversee the daily activities and operations within the school. Dr. Kisel has seven years of teaching experience, two years of instructional coaching, and she has been a vice principal for five years at COA Elementary School. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership as well as an administrative credential. Dr. Kisel did her doctorate research around special education and acts as an advocate for all students, because in the end, whatever it takes, our kids are worth it. Her belief is that to fulfill our nation’s commitment to the future of our children, the central focus of educational leadership must be on successfully transforming schools and school systems into high-quality organizations committed to high performance for all children. Implicit within this focus is the leader’s responsibility to create a safe, equitable, and just environment that maintains a consistent emphasis on continuous improvement.

Dr. Kisel has two daughters and one son. Traveling with her husband is one of her favorite things to do. She regains her sanity by visiting the ocean and taking walks at the beach. If Dr. Kisel is not playing with her children, you can find her baking sourdough bread, making baby teethers and pacifier clips, gardening, crafting, working out, or simply looking for and brainstorming ideas for her school, Community Outreach Academy.


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