School Site Council

Dear Parents,

Our recently conducted Community Outreach Academy School Site Council (SSC) elections have determined who will serve as parent representatives for the upcoming 2019-2020 school years. Pavel Efremov, Anna Kalinyuk, Katie Tokar, and Natalya Yasinskiy were elected by the parents as their SSC representatives. Congratulations to all candidates and to those elected.

We appreciate your time and dedication.

COA School Administration


Parent and Family Engagement Policy (COA, 2019-2020) English 


 Agenda SSC October 29, 2019

 Agenda SSC/ELAC September 24,  2019

Agenda SSC June 4, 2019

 Agenda SSC & DELAC May 7,  2019

 Agenda SSC  April 2,  2019

 Agenda SSC  ELAC DELAC March 5,  2019

 Agenda SSC February 5,  2019

 Agenda SSC December 4,  2018

 Agenda SSC November 6,  2018

 Agenda SSC October 2,  2018

SSC Members  Schedule (19-20)

SSC Members  Schedule (18-19)