Mission & Vision

The vision of Community Outreach Academy is to continue successful implementation of a
program that fosters high academic achievement in a safe, nurturing environment. Our vision is
for faculty, staff and parents to work together to offer students the best educational experience
possible. The program will retain the most highly qualified teachers as well as offer faculty
opportunities to grow professionally, and offer students the highest quality of public education

Gateway Community Charters (GCC), and the Community Outreach Academy (COA), were
founded with a commitment to develop the academic talents of its students, while nurturing their
appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage, and the place they take as citizens
in our state and nation. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing
the student's language and literature of their heritage, delivered in a supportive environment, the
faculty will develop the student's ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their
individual social, academic, and personal development and contribute to our diverse community.