Zachary Keane, 8th gr. Social Studies

zachary keane 
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History Teacher
Years of teaching experience: 5 years.
College of Study: Chico State.
Hobbies/interests outside of school: hiking and reading history books.
My educational philosophy is that I believe that consistency and hard work equals success.

Some of the aspects students will learn this year:
*8th Grade: US History
• Colonial Past
• American Revolution
• Constitution
• Early Republic
• Civil War
• Westward Expansion
• Industrial Revolution

*7th Grade: World History
• Rome
• Islamic World
• West Africa
• Asia
• Medieval Europe
• Renaissance
• Reformation
• Scientific Revolution
• Americas
• Early Modern World

What is unique or interesting about your class (subject you teach)?
History deals with the world we live in. We learn about other cultures, religions and philosophies.

What are your main goals and objectives as a teacher?
As a teacher I try and maintain a safe environment that is suitable to learning. I expect all students to be prepared, respectful and to work hard.