Nina Ivanko, Russian Elective Teacher

Nina Ivanko 
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Russian Teacher
Years of teaching experience: USA – 6 years, Ukraine – 9 years
College of study: State University of Zaporojie, Ukraine
Hobbies/interests outside of school: cooking, spending time with family
Educational philosophy: I believe that a well educated society today is great for the future, not just for one country, but it will make a difference in whole world.

Aspects students will learn this year:
*develop grammar skills students will learn nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, punctuation.

*develop writing skills students will write dictations, essays, their own reflection about read stories or to the movies.

*develop reading skills and comprehension students will read different stories of famous Russian writers, will do different kinds of exercises to help them understand the content, retell the stories

*develop students vocabulary, kids will have every Friday speech development class (oral or writing) will work with different kinds of dictionaries ( synonyms and antonyms, idioms, etc.)

Unique and interesting points about the class:
Languages are increasingly important in many professions, it becomes even more important for students today to have the knowledge and skills necessary in more that one language. I think students realize that to succeed in life, they need to acquire tools they can learn now.

What are your main goals and objectives as a teacher:
My main goals are to teach students to learn and on ways they can use the knowledge they gain, to their advantage. I also want to show students how they can use the Russian language outside the school setting. Its really important that they know what to say in a given situation and how to respond appropriately, just like any language or culture.