Ada Baracosa, 7th Grade Physical Education

ada baracosa 
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Subject taught: Physical Education
Years of teaching experience: 8 years
College of study: Sacramento State University
Hobbies/interests outside of school: Anything outdoors such as: camping, rafting, going to the beach, running, playing tennis.
Educational philosophy: To have high expectations for each student. Bring an open mind and positive attitude. Inspire and encourage students.

Concepts students will learn this year:
My primary goal, as a physical educator, is to teach every student - from the physically gifted to the physically challenged- how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. In our physical education program, we provide learning experiences which are developmentally appropriate, and that increase physical competence, physical fitness, self-esteem and joy through lifelong physical activity. Every student will develop many skills, attitudes, and physical competencies, which will make their present and future life more active, healthy and productive.