Mrs. Michelle Parker, School Counselor

Michelle-Parker-170-227I am so pleased to be the counselor for the COA Middle School. This is my 8th year working as a counselor at this site. It is my 15th year working in the field of education. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counselor Education and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from California State University, Sacramento.

My family includes my husband, 2 children, and two dogs. We have lived in the Sacramento area for twelve years.

I love being with my family and being outdoors: anything from biking, swimming, hiking, gardening, camping, or just a little walk anywhere. Playing sports or games or reading with my kids is a big highlight for me also. I like to be on the go!

My educational philosophy is that children have a natural desire to learn and achieve success. If we nurture this desire, positively reinforce their achievements, and provide the academic and emotional support our students need, they can have success in reaching for that next step in their educational futures. As adults, we are strong role-models for their future. By being invested in them and their education, they will be more invested as well.

As a student advocate, I am available to students for their academic, social, or personal challenges. A key component in working to meet students' individual needs is through collaboration with teachers, support staff, and parents. One structured way collaboration is achieved is in a meeting between staff, parents, and the student in what is referred to as a "SST", or "Student Success Team". This meeting is an opportunity to come up with strategies to work with students in a way that is most suitable and supportive to that particular student.

As a school counselor at COA middle school, I am involved in the following areas of student support:

• Individual conferences with students and/or parents

• Consultation with teachers and staff

• SST Coordination

• Testing Coordination

• Character Development

• Conflict Resolution/ Social challenges with peers

• Schedule Changes

Students and parents are welcome to sign-up for an appointment anytime. I enjoy getting to know the students and families. I believe in the importance of the family to find connections and to support each other in their own unique challenges. As a parent myself, I understand firsthand the issues involved in raising a family. The significant role parents play in having an impact on their children's success and well-being is huge. It is our responsibility to maintain a healthy and open relationship with our children in order to provide them with optimum guidance and encouragement. If at any time a parent is seeking out support on how to improve their relationship with their child, or just general inquiries about parenting strategies, I am available as a primary resource and can be reached at 286-1908. I consider it a great privilege to assist our students and families.

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